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Xinqiao Art Complex is the largest gathering place for art creation in Shanghai, and forms a complementary pattern with the cultural and artistic Xi’an corridor, and together build a new art pattern of Shanghai.

At present, Xinqiao Art Complex has been placed in nearly 100 art studios, design studios, film studios, art libraries, galleries, museum, art foundations, collectors' clubs and art education institutions. The complex holds nearly 50 art exhibitions, lectures, collections and studio activities every year to create a vibrant and open art ecological community.

50% of the artists and art institutions in the complex are from Shanghai, 30% from Beijing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Jingdezhen, Hongkong, Taiwan and other cities, 20% from the United States, Germany, Spain, Finland and other countries. Since Xinqiao Art complex started in 2014, the scattered artists' studios in Shanghai have been gathered together; It is the first choice for the Beijing artists to migrate to Shanghai, and it also provides a good start for foreign artists who have came or wanna come to Shanghai. The international art residence project of the complex has greatly enhance international artistic and cultural exchanges. In recent years, Shanghai has become more and more important in domestic and international art world. Art fairs, galleries and museums have developed rapidly. Xinqiao Art Complex is a engine, and it’s location Songjiang is the cultural origin of Shanghai.

What we have been doing is to make Xinqiao Art Complex a comprehensive art and cultural community of artists, designers, collectors, scholars, educationists and entrepreneurs, which are both independent and harmonious, and make Xinqiao art complex a cultural landmark in Shanghai.