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The nearly 30 years after the Cultural Revolution is the time that western art system re-recognized by China, it is a process of learning and digestion for China. A large number of Chinese contemporary artists have made useful practice and attempt on the Sinicization of western modern and contemporary art. The Red Bridge Gallery has made a thorough study on the specific cases of Liu Wei, Zhou Chunya, Tang Zhigang and Hong Lei. It is hoped that by holding solo exhibition for these artists, with an objective attitude to start the deep discussion on the development of Chinese contemporary art in the past twenty years has restored its true historical value.

The rapid economic development will inevitably promote the development of culture and art. China, which has a long history of 5000 years of traditional culture, will inevitably present a new artistic phenomenon belonging to this particular era under the background of globalization. Red Bridge Gallery has been trying to find, discover and help the young artists of the moment,they live in this particular historical period, while inheriting traditional culture, but also synchronized with the advanced Western cultural concepts, their art today has the important significance of inheriting the past and opening up the future. Therefore, while researching and popularizing famous artists, Hongqiao Gallery considers more about how to promote the future development and internationalization of Chinese contemporary art.

On 28th February , 2006 and 4th September, 2006, the Red Bridge Gallery and the Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Museum respectively planned and held two national "New Interface" art exhibitions, presenting such potential young artists as Ji Dachun, Lou Shenyi, Wei Jia, Shi Xinji, Shang Yi, Lin Guocheng, Po Shui, He Wei and so on, it expressed the wish of the red bridge gallery and China's new generation of young artists together grow to the world.

Today's Hongqiao Gallery is learning from the operation mode of the top galleries in the West, combines with the cultural characteristics of China, strives to explore a suitable management mode for the operation of Chinese galleries at this stage, and actively establishes relations with world-class art institutions, art fairs, art galleries and museums through art exchanges and cooperation, and push the Chinese contemporary art to the world.

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