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The Hilltop Gallery has many art forms, such as painting, video, sculpture, installation and so on. It also actively cooperates with museums at home and abroad, international biennials, curators and critics, publishing and distributing books to promote contemporary art.

The Hilltop Top Gallery has a total area of about 1000 square meters. It is located in Xinqiao Art Complex where the most artists’ studios gathered together in Shanghai, The Hilltop Top Gallery is dedicated to combing the historical context of contemporary art, studying the current art situation and reflecting on the future of contemporary art. Besides, it also discovers and supports the new generation of Chinese art and promote the art exchanges at home and abroad, to expand the influence and recognition of Chinese contemporary art, while promoting the understanding and recognition of China by international artists.

The Hilltop Gallery is dedicated to promote the strong academic and cost-effective works of art, it is where all successful or young artists in China and abroad can freely display or create their new innovative and experimental art works.

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